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Chicken Soup, Straight from the Kitchen Witch

This is what it looks like when I ask my best friend (minniethemoocha) how to make chicken soup. (She has magic powers where soup is concerned).
She writes back:

Making shit up... let's see...

Here's what I do to make chicken soup.

Take a bunch of chicken still on the bone. If you can find necks and backs and gizzards so much the better. Take the yucky stuff and boil the hell out of it with SALT (about half a tablespoon) and bay leaves and pestled rosemary and some garlic. When it has formed a nasty stock, fish out the meat bits and mush them up for the cat. Mine doesn't like them, but [your cat] might. Don't feed cats onion, it makes them anemic. Garlic is OK though.

Then when you have this nasty stock, take a lot of onion and chop it up and boil it in there. Add more water and then... Take chicken legs and thighs and cut as much as you can off the bone. Boil the meaty bones AND THE SKIN in the water and stock with more ground rosemary and some sage and some more garlic. Lots. Also dump in the chopped up meat. Fish out the bay leaves at some point if you can. If you can't, fuck it. If you feel like there are too many fatty blobs in there, fish them out. Also fish out the bones. Scrape the cooked meat off them, or just eat it off the bone when it cools, because by now you are probably peckish. Take out the skin. Put some thyme in there. It rocks. Then when the meat is all getting cooked and the water is boiling off, add more water and some chicken bouillon. It will make it more salty and more chicken-y. A bunch of fresh ginger is a nice thing to add at this point, and so is maybe some paprika to make it red as well as gold and green. Because loving would be easy if your colours were like my dream. Everyday is like survival. Go Boy George. When you are about 10 minutes from wanting soup, put in chopped up mustard greens or kale or something like that. Also then add Chinese egg noodle. Chinese don't use plural.

All of this should be occurring at a mad boil until the bones and skin come out. The rest may occur at a lively simmer.

This should work.
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